It's in our nature

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Half of our Estonian land is covered with forest and we have the 4th best urban air quality in the world. 17% of our farmland is organic and 22% of territory is preserved.

Nature has created milk to be a food with high biological value and we manufacture it with great care. Estonian law has required the cleanness and quality of milk and milk products for more than 70 years.

Since Estonia’s dairy industry complies with today’s exceptionally high quality control and food safety standards, Estonian dairy products are popular in both domestic and export markets.

Estonia has given the world Skype calls, Olympic champions and pure dairy products. As a small country we must constantly innovate and use our resources wisely to be larger than our domestic economy. We are used to doing this.

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Let’s grow together

Nordic Milk is Estonia’s leading dairy company, known for its two legendary brands – Tere and Farmi. Today we are scaling up our third brand – Deary – to bring Nordic Milk’s plant-based portfolio under one umbrella brand for efficient expansion in export markets.

We use over 500 tons of raw milk every day and produce over 400 SKUs in 3 production facilities. Nordic Milk’s strong quality management – FSSC 22000 and BRC – is the reason why Nordic Milk is a trusted export partner for companies in more than 20 markets.

It is our vision to be innovative, responsible and respectful and act as a role model for the modern dairy industry. We can only achieve this by exceeding our clients’ expectations all day every day. More than 125 years of experiences gives us the confidence to say that Nordic Milk is up to the job.