Tere was the first modern customer-centric milk brand in Estonia, launched in 1997 and loved by consumers ever since. Tere has been one of the driving forces of innovation in the Estonian market. The probiotic bacterium ME3, discovered by Estonian scientists, was used to launch a Tere “Hellus” product range, lactose-free milk was offered for everyone, the first clean label yoghurt line in Estonia was launched, the first vitamin-D enriched milk was sold in convenient Tetra-top packages, and that’s just to mention a few of the milestones in the Tere brand portfolio’s evolution.

Farmi dairy products have won consumers hearts in Estonia. And also, it would seem, the hearts of the Estonian Food Association’s jury members, picking up awards for best products on the market. Different Farmi dairy products have also won golden awards in the Estonian Best Food competition: Best Dairy Product 2021, Best Dairy Product 2020, Best Dairy Product 2018, and the list continues.

Deary is Nordic Milk’s offering in the plant-based segment. An umbrella brand for a variety of non-dairy products from creme fraiche to cheese, Deary is an international brand now under rapid development. We believe that plant-based is a new normal not a passing trend, and we considering it as one of Nordic Milk’s key strategic growth paths in the future.