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Nordic Milk
carbon footprint 2020

Globally, 26% percent of greenhouse gas come from sectors related to food manufacturing. Food processing companies like Nordic Milk contribute 4% of those emissions.

In 2021 Nordic Milk made a strategic decision to start systematically tackling the environ- mental challenges caused directly or indirectly from our economic activities and supply- chain management. The first step in that complex approach was the measurement of our carbon footprint and setting up measurable objectives based on the result.

Our current carbon footprint has been calculated by following international greenhouse gases reporting standard “GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard”.


2962 t/co2

1% Direct emissions from our own activites


18775 t/co2

Indirect emissions from energy usage


260811 t/co2

Indirect actions form our value-chain.

Changes start with us, but don’t end with us

Raw milk manufacturing contributes a significant amount of the emissions related to the dairy indus- try, but 85% of our emissions come from farming.

Joint initiatives with farmers are crucial to reduce the industry’s impact on climate changes. Nordic Milk is willing to contribute to making our supply chain more environment friendly together with our agricultural partners.

Reduction of the other 15% of emissions is more or less directly in our hands. Here we have set a concrete agenda focusing on real changes related to transportation, packaging, waste management and energy consumption.


Carbon neutral manufacturing 2050 at latest

Based on our climate footprint calculation, we are aware of our activities impacting the en- vironment. Nordic Milk will reduce the carbon footprint of our own activities and 30% of the carbon intensity of production by 2030 by reshaping direct and outsourced operations in our manufacturing processes.

Next phase will be aligned with the objectives of the Paris Climate Treaty, with an ambitious target to achieve carbon-neutral manufacturing by the year 2050.

Nordic Milk is on a constant search to find ways to actually minimize our impact on the environ- ment. It’s a process and requires good will and cooperation with our partners. To talk the talk and walk the walk, Nordic Milk has developed a sustainabilty programme called “Big Five Initiative” to make the change.

Logistics and manufacturing efficiency


Supply chain management


Goodbye to virgin plastic


More functional products


No food wastage